Home Fragrance - 102 Mandarino

Home Fragrance - 102 Mandarino

"Perfume of Desires"
LabSolue with its olfactory creation celebrates the Essence of Mandarin. 
Citrus, Fruity, with nuances both fresh and sweet, the Scent of citrus originating in China (hence the name),
is obtained from the cold pressing of the intoxicating skin. The fruit of the Mandarin is a symbol of good luck in the realization of desires.
Essence made of Italian Mandarin Essence and Pure Vanilla Jungle Essence.
NOTE: イタリアンタンジェリンエッセンス、ピュアバニラジャングルエッセンス
調香師:Alex Lee
Home Fragranceは、リフィル(液体)とボトルが分かれています。